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Blog PostsOn Representation and Diversity: Don’t Forget the Left-Handed Lithuanians!

Confused by the title of this post? Let me explain. My late, beloved grandfather was a man with a delightful, dry wit. The best example of his wit (that I know of) comes from a conversation he had with my … Continue reading

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ReviewsA “Community” Pre-Hiatus Wrap-Up

I hate to type the words “Community” and “hiatus” in the same sentence, but unfortunately, this show – this brilliant, funny, weird show – is going on hiatus for an indefinite period of time, because NBC hates me and wants … Continue reading

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Blog PostsLessons I Have Learned from Glee

I gave up watching entire episodes of Glee for the most part (though I briefly checked in to watch “Mash-Off” because I liked all the songs). As someone who likes to pay attention to Things Going On in the media, … Continue reading

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ReviewsWe need to see other Gleeople.

I never thought I would be able to quit Glee as long as Kurt and Blaine were on my screen, being cute and adorable and making me want to draw cartoon hearts around their faces every week. As it turns … Continue reading

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Blog Posts“Oh HELL to the No!”: Mercedes Jones and Black Stereotypes

A few weeks ago, I read a post on Ars Marginal called Fandom and its hatred of Black women characters. The post detailed ways in which black female characters are criticized and maligned by their fan bases. It’s an interesting … Continue reading

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Blog PostsGlee Season 3 Promo: Somebody Likes Me!

The promo for season three of Glee has been released: Some of it looks like the same old, same old: slushies thrown at Gleek faces (because that joke hasn’t been run into the ground, no way), cafeteria antics, Will/Emma, Sue … Continue reading

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Blog PostsBlainetana Forever!

Apparently, Ryan Murphy knows how to keep people talking about Glee even during hiatus. All of the reports about Glee graduating the kids at the end of next season…no wait, they’re actually just graduating Finn, Rachel, and Kurt…no wait, those … Continue reading

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Blog PostsWriting Rehab: How to Fix Glee’s Female Characters (and also Finn)

Another season of Glee has passed, and after another year of frustratingly nonsensical storylines and characterization that changed with every episode, I am almost ready to throw in the towel.   Almost.  Unfortunately (and fortunately), this show has me hooked but … Continue reading

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ReviewsGlee’s “Funeral” and the First Annual McKinley High “Who Caresies” Awards

In the seventh season of Scrubs, Dr. Cox interrupted a scene of characters whining about their personal lives to present the “Who Caresies” awards.  The “Who Caresies” went to the person with the least interesting, most annoying, whiniest problem: I … Continue reading

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Blog PostsThe Questionable Redemption of Dave Karofsky

Overall, the prom episode of Glee was one of the strongest of the season, and possibly one of the strongest ever.  There was a good mix of pathos and humor, Sue was funny again, and the love of performing shone … Continue reading

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