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Articles‘The Simpsons’ Helps My Family Connect with My Autistic Brother

(This article was originally published on Vice on November 2, 2017.) By Theresa Basile Some siblings show their love with a high five, an inside joke, or a punch in the shoulder. My brother Daniel, an adult on the autism … Continue reading

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Blog PostsAdvice for White Women From a White Woman

There’s something very specific about being a white woman in the United States. We have a privileged status because of our skin color, but experience disadvantages due to our gender. That intersection of whiteness and womanhood makes us convenient objects … Continue reading

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Blog PostsWhat Counts as a Strong Female Character, Anyway?

Yesterday, I saw Spider-Man Homecoming during a matinee at the Alamo Drafthouse. My boyfriend and I laughed and applauded for almost two hours straight through mouthfuls of truffle butter Parmesan popcorn, enjoying, finally, a Spider-man movie that truly embraced the humor in Peter … Continue reading

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Blog PostsBaby-sitters Club: Welcome to Hogwarts

Welcome, girls from Stoneybrook Middle School. I have reviewed your permanent records and determined that you are all eligible to attend the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Five of you are two years behind the typical schedule for a … Continue reading

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ReviewsThe Public’s Julius Caesar: Uneven but Fascinating

  During the first half of The Public Theater’s production of Julius Caesar, two banners of past presidents hang from the rafters on the set. On one of them looms the portrait of George Washington, a man who removed his … Continue reading

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Blog PostsWonder Woman’s Display of the Powerful Female Body

I saw Wonder Woman on opening night in New York. We went with a large group of friends, our seats scattered through the sold-out theater. The excitement in the room was palpable, with women, men, and children eager to see … Continue reading

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Blog PostsDispatches from the Women’s March

On Saturday, I went to the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. I took a car with my mom, one of my aunts, one of my cousins, and one of my best friends, and my cousin drove us for about three … Continue reading

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Blog PostsOn “Orange is the New Black,” Do Black Lives Matter?

[This post discusses events of season 4 of Orange in the New Black in detail.] I was late to this season of Orange is the New Black, but once I had the time to concentrate, I devoured the episodes in … Continue reading

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Blog PostsTen Things White People Need to Quit Saying (And That This White Person Has Said)

Earlier today, the Huffington Post published a piece by Melody Moezzi called “Ten Things White People Need to Quit Saying.” Succinct and to the point, the article lists ten oft-repeated phrases by well-meaning (or at least not ill-intentioned) white people … Continue reading

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Blog PostsI Don’t Want to Write About Weight Loss, Part 2

I’m a feminist and I want to lose weight. I wrote about this subject one month ago and received positive responses from friends and readers. A few people offered some good advice on how to approach weight loss. They told … Continue reading

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