Sean Rosenberg is a sixteen-year-old vampire who just wants to complete his junior year without anyone discovering his secret, or killing anyone. (Else.) Blending in isn’t as easy as he hoped: two of the three vampires in his group can’t stand him, he’s barely passing Geometry, his peppy English teacher likes to have surprise lessons outside in the sunlight, and Becky, the pretty cheerleader, has blood that smells just a little too good to him. With the help of Hannah, the group leader and his best friend, he manages to fly under the radar and keep out of trouble.

FANGED by Theresa BasileBut when a popular classmate is found dead under mysterious circumstances, the unsteady truce among Sean and his fellow vampires falls apart. As each person reveals a secret that could threaten their privacy – not to mention their lives – Sean tries to control his thirst for human blood, which becomes increasingly difficult when Becky shows sudden interest in him. Will he be able to keep his promise to Hannah and turn over a new leaf, or will the temptation for Becky’s blood be too strong to overcome?

And what will they do when Hannah reveals the biggest secret of all?

Fanged is the first book in a four-part series and is for any teenager – alive or undead – who just wants to make it out of high school.

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