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Blog PostsTo Everyone Who Had a Problem With the Most Recent Episode of “Girls”

Many people like to have sex. Yes, even the people you don’t find attractive. Sometimes people you don’t find attractive have sex with other people you don’t find attractive. You don’t like to know this. You don’t like having a … Continue reading

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Blog Posts“But”: the Rape Apologist’s Favorite Conjunction

Today I’m going to talk about the word “but.” “But” is a conjunction used to connect two different clauses, where the second clause will contradict or negate the information in the first clause. “I usually love this restaurant, but tonight … Continue reading

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Novels, Fiction & Silliness“How to Deal With Trolls” by Guest Blogger Barack Obama

My fellow Americans, As you no doubt have heard, I released my long form birth certificate today.  To celebrate the momentous occasion of proving for once and for all that I am a true-blooded American, Lady T contacted me and … Continue reading

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Blog PostsLady T’s Top 3 Tips for Writing While Working Full-Time

Well, the end of a new year has come.  In terms of my writing, I have had the most successful year of my life.  I had a featured story in SMITH Magazine, I started a blog that people actually seem … Continue reading

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