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When I formed Second Star NYC with my friends and colleagues, we were primarily interested in comedy. We had come together after making as series of sketch comedy videos for The Dan & Matt Show, and we spent months writing our inaugural sitcom, Working Title. We hoped to spend our time developing our filmmaking skills through the lens of different comedic projects.

That changed when we started the 7-day film challenge and discovered that we had more stories to tell.

Our latest film, “Bear Me the Darkness,” is an examination of love, relationships, and depression. I am so proud of Knilo Solei for her wonderful script, Matthew Willings for his excellent direction, Dan de Jesus for his beautiful cinematography, the actors for their performances, and the rest of our team for making this come to life. I’m proud to have served as the production sound mixer for this film.

You can watch it at the link below:

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  1. Gareth says:

    I like that the change in her mood isn’t attributed to any event or anything that the guy did. It passed, as these things do even though in the moment it feels like you will feel that way forever.

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