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As you may have noticed, my posting has been a little lighter as of late. There are a few reasons for this, and one reason is a very exciting one. (I’ll make that announcement by next week once I have more details.) But I’ve also been very involved with the Dan and Matt Show, another creative project I’m very excited about, and the first episode I wrote and co-starred in premiered on Sunday night.

I wrote this episode in response to our society’s tendency to put the word “bro” in front of everything we say, thus centering culture all around men. We see this in the term “bromance” (which I find slightly annoying, but sometimes amusing and mostly harmless), and sometimes it goes as far as calling pro-choice men “bro-choice” (which bothers me on so many levels even if the intentions behind that term are good ones).

The following sketch was inspired by this cultural phenomenon. In “Bros,” Dan and Matt are bros, but their girl-bro (yours truly) isn’t down with the bro-talk.

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